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Green Cleaning

Green Cleaning for Any Business

Whether you are a LEED certified building or just interested in having a cleaning company clean your building with environmentally responsible products and practices, Filmex Building Maintenance is the green cleaning company for you! Green Cleaning is the process of maintaining a sanitary and healthy building without harming its inhabitants or the environment. Filmex Building Maintenance is proud to offer Green Seal approved cleaning products and cleaning techniques that promote smart green cleaning practices. We use products that kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria without harming the environment or leaving a noxious odor.              

Filmex Building Maintenance's Green Cleaning Practices Include:

  • Environmentally Responsible Commercial Carpet Cleaning products
  • Hot Water Carpet Extraction and Agitation, Which Decreases the Need for Chemicals
  • Low VOC Hard Floor Stripping, Sealing and Finishing Products
  • Use of Microfiber Dusting Cloths for Dusting and Window Cleaning, Rather Than Paper Products
  • Ammonia Free Window Cleaner
  • Use of Green Seal Approved Cleaning Products
  • Use of Recycled Paper Products
  • HEPA Filters on Vacuumes
  • Assist with Recycling Efforts
  • and Turn off all Lights!

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